Habitat (Where Koalas like to live)
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Koalas may be extinct in seven years, photo from Sydney Morning Herald

Koalas live in trees in Australia and nearby islands. They live in a variety of habitats. Koalas live in coastal regions of eastern and southern
Australia and in low bushland areas inland Australia. Koalas do not live in the rainforest. The koala lives in Queensland, New South Wales,
South Australia, and Victoria. The Koala does not live in Tasmania or Western Australia.
Koalas are territorial and do not usually share trees. The koala can tell whether a tree belongs to another koala. Koalas stay in the same area
and have their own 'home trees'. During the day, the koala sleeps 75% of the time. They are nocturnal animals and become more active after
sunset. Sometimes, the koala comes to the ground to search for shade or another tree. They occasionally jump from one tree to the next.
Koalas visit each other only during mating season.
The main threats to the survival of the koala is its loss of habitat. This is due to the impacts of urban development and clearing of trees.
Approximately 80% of the natural habitat of the koala has been destroyed by humans since European settlement. The Australian Koala
Foundation estimates 45,000 koalas remain living in the wild. Many koalas are killed by bushfires, dog attacks and motor vehicle accidents.
The Australian Koala Foundation now has an online koala map that helps to rate the koala habitat in Australia.

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Koalas are endangered animals

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